3 easy steps

how to participate

  • Purchase $OKI

    On the swap.xcadnetwork.com or zilswap.io/swap Platforms.

  • Stake $OKI

    Stake your $OKI tokens on the Okipad launchpad to unlock amazing potential.

  • Receive Allocations and Whitelists

    See your allocations and whitelists on the staking dashboard.


key points

  • Decentralised


    Okipad is the first truly Decentralized launchpad on the Zilliqa blockchain. Okipad only requires a Zilliqa address and qualifying stake to partake in launches.

  • Fair Allocations

    Fair Allocations

    Allocations on the Okipad platform are designated on the amount of $OKI staked on the network. The higher your stake the bigger your allocations in projects launching.

  • Auto Compounding

    Auto Compounding

    Staking on the Okipad dashboard is super easy and straightforward, there is also no need to claim your rewards as they’re automatically compounded weekly.

  • Think of Launching?

    Think of Launching?

    The Okipad platform is tailored for both traditional projects and NFT projects looking to launch on the Zilliqa blockchain. We even offer a full service where we can create your contracts for your NFT launch.


tier system



1,000 - 4,999 $OKI staking
no alocations


5,000 - 9,999 $OKI staking
yes alocations


10,000 - 24,999 $OKI staking
yes alocations


25,000+ $OKI staking
yes alocations

questions & answers

frequently asked questions

How Do I Buy My Allocations?

All allocations will be purchasable in $ZIL.

How Long Is The Unstaking Period?


What Is The Minimum Stake?


When Will I Get My Rewards?


When Will I see My Allocations For Projects Launching?


Can I Still Partake In launches Without Staking $OKI?