Okimoto Collection

Okimoto Collection

PRICE (Okimoto Collection) = 2500 ZIL

Sale ended on 8 August 2022, 10:00 UTC

Total Raise: 0 ZIL

Access Type: Open

Targeted Raise 0 ZIL

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  • NFT Sale 5 August 2022, 11:00 UTC
  • Min. Allocation 5000 ZIL
  • NFT Price 2500 ZIL
  • Access Type Open
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What Is The Okimoto Collection?


The Okimoto Collection is a unique pixel art samurai collection that will represent the Okimoto NFT platform.

The collection will consist of 480 unique NFTs that will offer amazing benefits to their holders. The main benefit to holders of the NFT is that they will receive a large stake of the fees on the Okimoto platform, enabling them to earn by simply holding their samurai.

Benefits Of The Okimoto Collection?


The Okimoto Collection will act as the upgrade collection of the Okimoto NFT platform.

The Okimoto NFT DEX needs an overhaul, becoming out-dated by the releases of the ZRC6/7 standards. Currently the Okimoto NFT DEX is the only 0% fee exchange where artists can trade and sell NFTs with all funds going back directly to creators.

Whilst running a 0% NFT DEX is a good idea in principle it has become a unsustainable model and nearly lead to the closure of the Okimoto platform.

The NFT sales of the Okimoto Collection will help us develop the platform, adding ZRC6/7 standards, FIAT gateways and Collections.

Holders of the NFTs will receive 1.75% of the 2% fee that will be integrated into the Okimoto Collection. When considering that only 480 NFTs will be available this could a lucrative scoop.

The Team

Meet The Team

Meet the Team Behind the Okimoto Collection and Okimoto NFT DEX.

Desmond Dekker

Desmond Dekker

Head of Business

Andy Little

Andy Little

Head of Marketing/Communications

Minimum Raise Targets and Refunds

The amount of work needed to bring the Okimoto platform up to scratch with other NFT platforms in the crypto space would require a minimum raise of $38,000.

All funds raised via the NFT collection will go to the development of the Okimoto NFT exchange.

If the minimum sale amount of $38,000 is not reached, all buyers will be refunded 90% of their commitment give or take with gas fees.

  • 10% of the funds are automatically paid to free-lance developers who build our smart contracts and are non-refundable.