PRICE (FootballJunkz) = 700 ZIL

Sale ended on 26 May 2022, 10:00 UTC

Total Raise: 307,950 ZIL

Access Type: Whitelist

Targeted Raise 1,443,600 ZIL

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  • NFT Sale 21 May 2022, 08:00 UTC
  • Min. Allocation 5000 ZIL
  • NFT Price 700 ZIL
  • Access Type Whitelist
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about the project


In 1863 the game of football was invented as we know it today. On that moment officials decided it wasn’t allowed anymore for players to take the ball with their hands. This was the start of the Football Association in the United Kingdom, better known as the FA. Ever since that date football is the most popular sport on the planet.

We personally live and breathe football, as many others around the world.

Our second passion is crypto. Which has led us to develop one of the first ever football based NFT sets on the Zilliqa blockchain, that will unlock an amazing turn-based football game.

how we started

How The FootballJunkz League Started

As we all know there are 101 different temptations for talented football players, because they are worshipped by more than 40% of the world population. Players from youth teams must be 100% dedicated to resist from all these temptations. Some of them make it and turn pro, some of them don’t.

In our galaxy we have two types of players, the Junkz and the non-Junkz. Our non-Junkz are fully dedicated to the game. They wake up with football and go to sleep with football. They only have one thing on their mind, to become a professional football player. The second type of players are a different breed, they all messed up somewhere along the way. They enjoy life to the fullest but get in trouble very easily. The Junkz discovered the pleasures of life and despite their talent, they lost their focus & love for the game.

Since a couple of years, the non-Junkz started playing some friendly games against the Junkz to maintain their fitness. They noticed that the Junkz were extremely talented, and they had a hard time beating them. Both loved the intensity of the matches and started playing square football against each other in different cities. People came from everywhere just to watch them compete. In a very short time, they attracted a lot of spectators. Everyone started taking bets on both sides, the Junkz realised they could monetize these games and so the $FOJU league was born. Players from all over the world come and join the $FOJU League. All this talent created an entire new ecosystem in the world of football.

FootballJunkz are here to disrupt the scene!



FootballJunkz will be priced on step curve, starting at 550 $ZIL slowly moving up to the maxmium of 1,000 $ZIL.

The Stats - Football Junkz Stepcurve (1).png


Meet the crew

Meet the brilliant team behind the FootballJunkz Project.









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